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We excel in customization, crafting solutions that perfectly match your specific requirements and preferences
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what we do



Process and application Support

Project consultancy


Our company offers a diverse range: new machines for cutting-edge performance, pre-owned machines for cost-effective options, spare parts, and consumables to keep operations running smoothly.


Our company delivers comprehensive services: installation and user/operator training, technical support via AMC or per call, preventive/corrective maintenance, and equipment calibration ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Process and Application Support

Our company specializes in designing and developing jigs, fixtures, and tooling. Additionally, we offer process parameter setup for reflow oven, wave solder, wave selective, and vapor phase systems.

Project Consultancy:

Our company excels in "Scratch to Ship" project planning and machinery solutions, including plant layout design, assembly line setup, and advanced software analysis for line automation solutions.

About EMT

EIA was established in the year 2002 with an aim to provide world class sales and service support to the PCB assembly & semiconductor manufacturing industry in the Indian market through our advanced technologies and cost-effective solutions.

Today, EIA is a leading distributor of high-quality equipment, tools and materials for the electrical, electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries. We represent multiple brands across India with high end products from USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Korea and China.

We deal with the all kinds of PCB Assembly & Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry

BGA Balls
Automatic Optical Inspection
Soldering Station Calibrator
Trinocular Microscope
PCB Loader/ Unloader
ESD Tweezer