We have a team of factory trained and highly experienced professionals to provide guaranteed after sales support to our esteemed customers.

Our service support includes

Pre-installation Activity

We can implement site preparation activities such as production floor layout planning, electrical and pneumatic connections, antistatic requirements, lighting arrangements and others. 

Preventive Maintenance

We provide thorough periodic maintenance of equipment, which will substantially reduce breakdowns, improve the performance, increase the life and reduce spare parts consumption.

Equipment Calibration

Periodic calibration will improve the equipment performance, reduce errors and improve accuracy. We have the expertise in providing calibration for Pick and Place machine, Reflow Oven, Screen Printer, Wave Solder, X-ray machine and others.


We carry out component level repairs of power supplies, servo amplifiers, CRT monitors, laser units, control cards and servo motors.

Installation & User-Operator Training

After machine installation at the factory floor, we provide user-operator training and assistance to upskill the employees.

Corrective Maintenance

This includes fault identification, rectification and calibration of equipment by our factory trained professionals.

Feeder Calibration

By precise calibration of feeders, we will bring down the component pick up errors and increase savings by reducing the wastage and damage of components.

Process and Application support

We assist in the design and development of jigs & fixtures. We also provide process parameter setup for Reflow oven, Wave solder, Wave selective and Vapour Phase

Customer benefits of EIA Maintenance Contracts