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MS9000SAN-(II) Rework Station
Brand : MS Engineering Co Ltd
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MS9000SAN-(II) is the all-round rework system which almost all SMD can be reworked. And the original ITTS auto profiler system is operates of the system easily and exactly. Many kinds, such as a connector, and a socket, a shield cover, of SMD can be reworked as well as BGA and CSP, and also QFP of a fine pitch.
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Product Manuals
Automatic Thermal Profile System
ITTS(Intelligence Thermal Trace System)
High performance combination heating system
Powerful 6 zones heating system
Standard split screen zoom for easy alignment of large components
User Friendly touch screen operation System
For global use, it can change to four languages. (English/Japanese/China/Korea)
Built-in 2+2 CH Temperature profile monitor
Optimal for Lead Free Solder
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