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Pre-Owned Equipment
PCB Separator MAESTRO 2 And 2M
Brand : Cab Produkttechnik GmbH And Co KG
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MAESTRO 2 separates small amount and prototype series of PCBs fast and economically. The compact and stable aluminum frame requires only a minimum of space. Maestro 2 is the reasonable model to start with, suitable for smaller numbers of PCBs. The PCB is fed manually between the circular blades and is thereby separated. Maestro2M Motorized separates large numbers of PCBs without fatigue of the operator. The lower circular blade is driven by a motor. The PCB is fed between the circular blades where it is seized, transported and separated. Three different speeds can be selected. Especially useful for high packing density or thin edge stripes. Frequently for critical components an upper limit of tensile stress will be determined. Please ask us regarding possibilities to reduce tensile stress of components. The PCB is held with both hands and fed between the circular blades for separation. The clearance between the upper guide and the lower guide is adjustable to ensure that the PCB is only fed through the machine in the pre-scored groove.
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