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Pre-Owned Equipment
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Active & Passive Vibration Isolation Solution
Levelling Elements
Machine Mounts
Automatic Soldering Process for PCB Assembly
Reflow Soldering Systems
Selective Soldering
Soldering Robot
Wave Soldering Systems
Bar Code Label Printers & Consumables
Bar Code Label Printer
BGA Rework and BGA Inspection System
BGA Repair
BGA Rework Station
BGA Scope
Component Counter
Component Counter
Component Forming Systems
Auto Taping Jumper Wire Machine
Automatic Transistor Forming Machine
Axial Forming Machine
I C Forming Machine
PCB Lead Cutter / Brushing Machine
Pneumatic Forming Machine
Power Transistor Lead Forming Machine
Radial Forming Machine
Radial Lead Cutter
Radial Lead Trimmer
SMT Component Automatic Testing Loading In Stick Machine
SMT Component Multi function Testing Loading In Stick Machine
Tape Remove Machine
Taped Resistor Transforming Machine
Wire Forming Machine
Conformal Coating Machine
Conformal Coating
Conformal Coating Thickness Measurement Tool
Connectors and Sockets
Electronic & General Purpose Cleaning
Non-flammable/solvent based
Safewash range - aqueous cleaning
Environmental Test Chamber
ESD Products
ESD Safe Consumables
ESD Safe Furniture and Component Storage Systems
Ionizing Solutions
Flux Density Controller
Automatic Flux Density Controller
Automatic Flux Density Controller With Particle Meter
Flux Foaming Element
Glue Dispensing System
Automatic Glue Dispensing
Bench Top Glue Dispensing
Hand Held Tools
Electric Screw Drivers
Hand Tools / Tool Kits
High Precision Tweezers
Torque Meter
Torque Wrench
Humidity Control Equipment
Dry Cabinets
Jigs & Fixtures
Import Substitutes & Custom made Tools & Fixtures
Nozzles for BGA Rework Station
Laser Marker
Laser Marking System
High Temperature Grease
High Temperature Oil
Material Handling & Storage Equipments
Material Handling & Storage Equipments
Medical Equipment
Accessories for HD camera
Capillaroscopy Accessories
Capillaroscopy Lenses
Capillaroscopy Systems
HD Camera Systems
Optical Inspection Systems
Video Microscope ( Inspection ) System
Packaging Solutions
Automatic Label Dispenser
Automatic Tape Dispenser
Hot Melt Glue Gun / Systems
SMT Semi Automatic Taping Machine
Spot Glueing & Taping Machine
PCB - Stencil Cleaners, Chemicals & Thermal Management System
Cleaning Chemicals
Conformal Coating Chemicals
Contact Lubricants
PCB Cleaners or Degreasers
Thermal Management
Ultrasonic PCB / Stencil Cleaner
PCB Assembly Equipment
SMD Pick & Place Machine
PCB Handling Equipment
Automatic Loader
Automatic Loader and Unloader
Automatic Unloader
Barcode Labelling Cell
Bare Board Loader
Buffer Stocker
Flat Belt Conveyor
In Line PCB Cleaning Machine
Infeed Conveyor
Inspection Conveyor
Linking Conveyor
Lowering Gate Conveyor
Manual Lift Gate Conveyor
Multi Function Buffer Stocker
Multi Function Vertical Buffer
Outfeed Conveyor
PCB Invertor
PCB Reject Conveyor
Pusher Conveyor
Single Magazine Loader
Single Magazine Unloader
Turn Conveyor or Diverter
Work Station
PCB Related Systems
PCB Magazines
PCB Router
PCB Separator / Depanel
Air Filter
Air Hose
Compressor & Drier Unit
Other Products
Vacuum Filter
Printing Systems
Automatic Screen Printer
Manual Screen Printer
Mylar Sheet
Screen Printer for LED
Semi Automatic Screen Printer
Products for Pharmaceutical Industry
Aprons / Head Caps / Gloves / Footwear
Cleaning Validation Swabs
Pre wetted Wipers / Swabs
Sterile Wipers / Floor Mats / Mops
Wipers / Dry Box / Dehumidifier
Professional Repair Kit & Accessories
Professional Repair Kit
SMT Process Equipment
PCB Baking Oven
Solder Carrier for Base PCB
Solder Paste Height Checker
Solder Paste Mixer / Centrifuge Machine
Solar Solutions
Solar Inverter, UPS, Photo Voltaic Modules
Solar Lights
Solder Dedross Machine
Solder Dedross
Soldering & De-Soldering Systems
De-Soldering Equipment
Hot Air Gun
Hot Tweezer
SMD Rework Station
Smoke Absorber
Soldering Accessories
Soldering Pot
Soldering Station
Temperature Calibration Tool for Soldering Station
Sorting Equipment
Screw Sorting Machine
Spare Parts & Consumables
Air / Vacuum Filters
Conveyor Belt
Cylinder / Solenoids
Soldering Bits
Splice Tools, Tapes & Clips
Squeegee Blades & Fixtures
Stencil Wiper rolls
Thermocouple & K Type Connector for Temperature Profiler
Stencil Tension Checker
Tension Checker
Temperature Profiler for Reflow Oven & Wave Solder
Temperature Profiler
Vapour Phase Profiling
Wave Shuttle
Test & Measurement Equipment
LCR Tweezers
Through Hole Component Assembly Conveyor System
Vacuum Cleaner
Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Wire Strippers
Automatic Wire Stripping Machine
Thermal Wire Stripper
X-Ray Systems
X-Ray Inspection Systems