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Pre-Owned Equipment
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"We are pioneers in providing after sales support. We have factory trained and highly experienced professional team to provide after sales support"
Our after sales support includes
   1. Pre installation activity
         We can assist and implement Production Floor (site) preparation - Production Floor Layout planning,
         Electrical and Pneumatic connections, Antistatic   requirements, Lighting arrangements and others. 
   2. Installation & User-Operator training
         For various brands of Pick and Place Machine, Reflow Oven, Screen Printer, Wave Solder,
         Glue Dispenser and several other equipment.
   3. Preventive Maintenance
         Indepth Periodic Maintenance of equipment will substantially reduce equipment breakdowns,
         improve the equipment performance, improve the life of the equipment and reduce spare parts consumption.
   4. Corrective Maintenance
         Includes fault identification and rectification and calibration.
   5. Equipment Calibration
         Periodic calibration will improve the equipment performance, component placement accuracy.
   6. Feeder Calibration
         Will bring down the component pick up errors and savings on wastage of components.
   7. Repairs
         We can carry out component level repairs of power supplies, servo amplifiers, CRT Monitors, Laser units and
         other various control cards.We also undertake repair of Servo Motors and other type of motors.
We have the expertise in providing service support including calibration for the following equipment.
   1. Pick and Place Machines and Glue Dispensers 
  • Juki Series : KP620, KE710, KE720, KE730, KE740, KE750, KE760, KE2010, KE2020, KE2030, KE2040, KE2050, KE2060, KE2070, KE2080, FX1, FX1R, FX2R, FX3R, JX100 Series, KD770, KD775
  • Zavatech : FS730, FM740
  • Yamaha : YV100, YV100XG, YVL88 
  • Philips (Assembleon) : CSM 84 Series, Topaz, Emerald, Eclipse, Sapphire
  • Tenryu :  FV7100 
  • Samsung : CP45, CP45FV Neo and other models 
   2. Reflow Oven
         Heller, Vitronics, Conceptronics, Samsung, TSM, ERSA, Kince, Dektec, BTU and other brands.
   3. Screen printer
         Samsung, Kince, Dektec, DEK 248, DEK 265, DEK Infinity and other brands.
   4. Wave Solder
         TSM, Senseby, Vitronics Soltec, Seho, Dektec, Kince and other local and imported brands.
   5. Other Equipment
          Please contact us for more details.
Process Support & Application Support
       We provide process and application support.
       Please contact us at sales@emtindia.net or Telephone 080-25443055 for more details.
CUSTOMER BENEFITS of Service Agreements
      1. Protect your investment
      2. Ensure maximum availability
      3. Minimize costs of downtime
      4. Obtain most efficient performance
      5. Enable planning & budgeting of maintenance
      6. Extend the life of equipment
      1. Major breakdown and overhauls
      2. Unexpected periods of downtime
      3. Gradual reduction in performance w/o realizing it.
      4. Maintenance by non-specialist
      5. Relying on suppliers with inadequate service performance
      1. Give to total system reliability to one supplier
      2. Maintain the function at highest level
      3. Achieve and maintain increased reliability
      4. Be treated as a priority customer
      5. Ensure preventive maintenance during  warranty
      6. Agree on convenient times for maintenance
      7. Keep equipment totally safe in use
      8. Secure everything with one payment per annum
      1. Be future proof
      2. Obtain modification and updates automatically
      3. Get support in new/updated applications
      4. Prove your standards 
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